Registration and Enrollment Schedule

Registration and Enrollment Schedule

Our location managers are responsible for the enrollment schedule of your child or children at the location of your choice. If you would like to visit the location in advance to take a tour and meet the teachers, please contact the location manager by phone or email. You can also email or Phone the location manager with questions.

Registration for Day-Care Centers Speel-Inn

To register your child in one of our daycare centers, complete this form. Please send this form to the location manager of the centre of your choice by email. Once we receive your form with the information required, the location manager will contact you by telephone to review your information.

Contract and Intake

Based on your wishes, our customer service will check if it is possible for us to accept your child on the dates you require. We will come back to you within one week and let you know the outcome. We will than draw up a contract and send to you by e-mail so you can check the details. Your registration will be final as soon as we receive the signed contract. We would like to receive this agreement within 10 working days so we can finalize the registration process. The agreement can only be cancelled within one month of receipt. We require setup of an automatic debit payment.

The manager of the location of your choice will contact you by phone or email and will make an appointment with you for an intake interview. This interview will take place with the future teacher/mentor assigned to your child.

Full Day Care

For expecting or new parents, we can arrange care 6 – 9 months in advance. In some cases it is impossible for us to offer all requested days straight away. In such cases we will offer you at least the days available and will contact you by telephone and offer you alternatives to meet your requirements as best as possible. If you accept the alternatives, you will get a high priority on our waiting list for the days you originally requested.

If you do not accept our alternative offer, you will remain on our waiting list, while retaining priority for your original request. Second and subsequent children from the same family receive priority and are scheduled immediately, provided there is space. This rule only applies to children who want to use the full day care and whose sibling already use the full day care or our after school program.

Do you want to know what the possibilities are for your child at the location of your choice? Please contact the appropriate location manager.