Speel-Inn Policy

Speel-Inn Policy

The daycare centers of Speel-Inn are well known for their professionalism and the individual attention given to each child in our care. Every child is unique. By nature, children are eager to learn, curious, discovery-oriented, energetic and all different individuals. That is why it our mission to give children the maximum opportunity to grow, to develop themselve,s and to become individuals with their own talents and interests.

The games we play, the materials we use, and the design of our spaces ensure that all children are challenged to discover and learn in a playful manner. We see ourselves as partners to our parents when it comes to education, caring for their children and in the day to day dealings with them, but also in our working method. Our general approach and working methods in all locations are based on four development goals:

• Providing emotional safety for every child
• Providing opportunities for children to develop personal competencies
• Providing opportunities for children to develop social competencies
• Providing social values and norms of behavior

In areas of health and safety we work with protocols and working methods and guidelines from the Childcare Act. All protocols and policies can be viewed at every location.

In addition to the development of children, we also consider the development of our employees as very important. That is why we offer them annual training in teaching skills, fire and emergency protocols, and children’s first aid. In addition, all our employees are personally coached by our Higher Professional Educational coach.

We aim to ensure the children in our care learn self esteem and to develop independence. For children who need extra care we offer a safe and pleasant environment. In close consultation with you as  parents, we find a suitable place within our organization for your child.

Working closely together with the primary schools

We closely work with and collaborate with the various primary schools. For our toddlers it is important to get familiar with their primary school environment in advance. In addition, there will be consultation between the school and us. This creates a continuous line of communication in the development of your child and makes the transition from our daycare center to the primary school of your choice as smooth as possible.

Handy for parents: care at the center

Last but not least, it is practical for all parents if the care of your children is centrally arranged. This helps you manage schedules, especially when you have  a child at after school care and at our daycare center.