Day Care Center Speel-Inn De Blokkendoos Uithoorn

Day Care Center Speel-Inn Uithoorn De Blokkendoos offers childcare for children aged between 0 to 4 years. The spacious garden offers plenty of space to play, including a vegetable garden where children can grow their own crops. Inside, there are separate rooms where children can play safely.

Every day we ensure that there are a wide range of activities in line with the theme that is used every six weeks. The activities change from indoor and outdoor and include cooking with teachers, crafts and sports & games. There is something for every child to develop his or her unique talent.

The building consists of several layers that are all connected by a large area in the center of the building, so that all groups are connected to each other by means of windows. Because of the large windows all groups receive a lot of light and provide a feeling of space.

The Blokkendoos has groups for ages 0-2 and 2-4 years allowing children to develop at their own pace. The activities are specially adapted for this. In doing so, the development of the child is always top priority and allows us to determine when the child is ready for a new group. We also have a permanent team that ensures continuity for every child.

Rates for Child Care Center Uithoorn

The prices below include diapers, food, drinks and other supplies for the care of your child.

Tarieven Speel-Inn De BlokkendoosUurtarieven 2020
Een hele dag kinderopvang€ 8,50
Een extra dag kinderopvang€ 8,50

You can calculate the monthly costs for the care of your child on the basis of the desired number of hours, the hourly rate and the childcare allowance that you receive from the Tax Authorities.

You can calculate your allowance on the website of the tax authorities.

More information or a guided tour?

Come and visit us to experience the atmosphere and make an appointment with our location manager Sanne Meijer, telephone number 0297 – 52 14 09.

If you want to register your child, you can fill in this application from KDV. Once we have received the form, Sanne will contact you by telephone to review your details.











Ilse; invalkracht



Marianne; invalkracht

Denise HBO coach

Jessica invalkracht


Johan Enschedeweg 160
1422 DR Uithoorn

0297 - 52 14 09



Maandag 07:30-18:30 uur
Dinsdag 07:30-18:30 uur
Woensdag 07:30-18:30 uur
Donderdag 07:30-18:30 uur
Vrijdag 07:30-18:30 uur

Sanne Meijer


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