Day Care Centers

Speel-Inn offers childcare for children aged 0 to 4 years in the following locations: Amstelveen, De Kwakel, Diemen, Uithoorn, Uithoorn (De Blokkendoos), Elst en Rhenen.

We also offer childcare after school in our facility called Jump-Inn Childcare. At Speel-Inn we believe in small scale day care. This means we offer children a cozy, family-like environment. Our team will become an ideal extension of your family.

In a familiar environment, the children have plenty of room to develop in their own way and at their own pace. The most important thing is that your child feels safe, comfortable, engaged and at home.

Your child in safe hands!

2020 Goals

We are an organization that continues to develop itself. Our aim for 2020 includes:

  • The HBO coach will support all teaching staff in their professional development.
  • More employees will receive training in VVE.
  • Kick-off of child participation and children’s philosophy (will happen first for our BSOs).
  • Making our locations even greener and more sustainable. We are discussing this with Stichting Groen Cement.
  • Further development of mission and vision at the organization and location levels. Children, parents, teaching staff and location managers will work together in this.

Locaties Kinderdagverblijf Speel-Inn

Kinderopvang Amstelveen

Speel-Inn Fidelio
Fideliolaan 316
1183 PX Amstelveen

020 - 4411223

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Kinderopvang De Kwakel

Speel-Inn De Kwakel
Anjerlaan 3
1424 AM De Kwakel

0297 523623

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Kinderopvang Diemen

Speel-Inn De Toversteen
Rode Kruislaan 1260
1111 XB Diemen

020 - 41 66 315

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Kinderopvang Uithoorn

Speel-Inn Uithoorn
Karel van Manderhof 3
1422 BX Uithoorn

0297 - 520 906

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Kinderopvang Uithoorn

Speel-Inn De Blokkendoos Uithoorn
Johan Enschedeweg 160
1422 DR Uithoorn

0297 - 52 14 09

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Kinderopvang Elst

Speel-Inn de Regenboog Elst
De spijlen 3
3921 EK Elst


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Kinderopvang Rhenen

Speel-Inn de Regenboog Rhenen
Bantuinweg 43
3911 MV Rhenen


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Buitenschoolse opvang

Naast het kinderdaverblijf kunt u bij ons ook terecht voor buitenschoolse opvang, afgekort BSO. Dit kan voor- of naschoolse opvang zijn. Jump-Inn biedt kinderopvang voor kinderen in de leeftijd van 4-12 jaar.

Meer informatie


Aanmelden voor de opvang?
U kunt gebruik maken van het wensenformulier op de website of door telefonisch contact op te nemen met de locatiemanager van de door u gekozen vestiging.


Plan een kennismakingsgesprek